Coexistence of humans and mobile robots

A mobile robot that coexists with humans must be safe. On the other hand, efficiency is also important. In general, there is a trade-off between safety and efficiency, and having both is a dificult task. We are approaching these problems from the aspect of predicting human movement.

Modeling human visual attention for HRI

In order for robots to coexist and interact smoothly with humans, it is necessary to understand and predict human behavior. On the other hand, we humans do not only predict the behavior of others, but sometimes we also guide the attention and behavior of others through our own actions. We are advancing our understanding of human attention-guidance, aiming to realize human attention guidance by robots. In particular, We are focusing on magic tricks as an extreme example and studying the effect of the magician's movements on the audience's attention.

Integration of mobile robotics and radiation measurement

It is very important to locate and decontaminate/remove radiation sources that are present (and in some cases concealed) in the environment due to accidents at nuclear power plants, terrorism using nuclear materials, etc. We are investigating a method to localize radiation sources by intergrating mobile robotics and radiation measurement techniques.