Investigating the Relationship Between Driver's Sense of Agency and EEG: Mu-Rhythm is More Suppressed in Higher SoA Case


The present study investigated the relationship between driver’s SoA and relative power of alpha band in EEG. The SoA rating results suggest that driver has less SoA under driving assistance or disturbance generally, while inexperienced driver may have enhanced SoA under driving assistance. In EEG results, although not significant, some electrodes showed greater alpha band power in automated or delayed condition, implying that driver’s SoA could be evaluated by measuring the alpha band activity over certain area of brain. In future plans, more experiment should be conducted to include both experienced and inexperienced drivers, to increase the number of EEG data, and to evaluate the effect of ERD by body movement. Phase coherence analysis should be done as well.

Proceedings of the 2017 International Symposium on Micro-NanoMechatronics and Human Science, pp.272-276