Radioactive Source Recognition with Moving Compton Camera Imaging Robot Using Geant4


Robotics is becoming increasingly important in modern engineering areas. After the big nuclear accidents in Fukushima 2011, the crossing research of nuclear and robotics draws more and more attentions. In this paper, a method for radioactive source recognition using moving Compton camera imaging robot is proposed. In order to assess the quality of the reconstructed image, a new method called Cross-section Outline at Half Maximum (COHM) is proposed for three dimensional image reconstruction precision assessments. Two experiment validations using Geant4 platform are given which include the measurement with different distances and angles respectively. The result shows that the application of Compton camera imaging robot can improve the radioactive source image reconstruction quality. Based on the result of the experiment, several preconditions and suggestions are given to improve the image reconstruction precision when we apply robot to the radioactive source recognition. The research is focused on the three dimensional image reconstruction by using Compton camera imaging robot. It can improve the radioactive source recognition precision especially for three-dimensional contour recognition. And also it can supply good reference for the robot routine planning when we apply the robot into radioactive source recognition in future.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 953
Yusuke Tamura
Yusuke Tamura
Associate Professor, PhD