Attentive Deskwork Support System

In recent years, manufacturers are required to maintain wide variety of product lineups according to diversifying consumer trends. Instead of conventional manufacturing lines, cell production systems, in which a single human worker assembles each product from start to finish almost manually, have come into wide use in order to accommodate diversified products and production quantity. With negative and zero growth of the population and the tendency of young people avoiding manufacturing jobs, we will face a shortage of skilled workers, and hence a great difficulty in maintaining the cell production system. To meet diverse needs with fewer labor forces, we propose attentive workbench (AWB). AWB recognizes the intention or the condition of a worker through cameras and vital signs monitors, presents the information through projectors, and supplies assembling parts to the worker using self-moving trays. This informational and physical assembly support may result in a higher yield rate and productivity. We used the workbench to realize an attentive deskwork support system that hands over a necessary object to a user as soon as he/she attempts to reach out for it.

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